IT Services

IT Services

Everybody’s technology is different. Whether off the shelf or custom built, your system was designed to serve your needs first. But what about connecting the rest of your supply chain partners?

The more information that is stored and transmitted electronically without human intervention or rekeying, the higher the accuracy and compliance and the lower the cost to maintain.

Customs and Trade Services has been building these bridges and creating this kind of connectivity since we opened our doors. We realize that as companies grow, their reliance on the ability to work quickly and efficiently increases. The right technology in the beginning is a building block for the future.

And if it’s a legacy system that isn’t going anywhere? Don’t worry; we’ve worked with those, too. Our team of programmers and developers are familiar with all kinds of EDI platforms, ERP’s and can leverage available API’s or other connectivity options to pull everyone together.

It’s in your best interest to have the most optimized supply chain. A capital investment in a technology integration will reduce inefficiency, increase transparency and allow your supply chain to scale up smoothly with no unexpected surprises or additional costs.

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