Customs Brokerage

Customs Brokerage

Customs & Trade Services are focused on importers with complex supply chains featuring multiple country sourcing and assembly like apparel and footwear.

Customs and Trade Services Inc (CTS) was founded by Norman E. Gelber, Jan Roher and Reinaldo Rodriguez in 1989.

Specialists in the importation of textiles and apparel, CTS has become the thought leader in managing the complexities of goods assembled abroad from components of US origin (Harmonized Tariff Schedule Chapter 9802 (807)) and Free Trade Agreement compliance. We specialize in the complex business of Customs classification, valuation and entry of apparel and footwear with complex supply chains of multiple source countries and assembly operations.

In 2003, CTS expanded services to Gulfport, Mississippi, where the majority of our reconciliation operations are processed.

In 2013, Taggart International, Ltd, an expert forwarder, NVOCC, and specialist broker in parts and machinery, purchased CTS to create synergies between Taggart’s and CTS’s existing centers of excellence. Taggart International is jointly owned by Liz Scarbrough (MBA) and Sean Scarbrough (LCHB, MBA).

In 2014, Customs and Trade Services opened an office in the Milwaukee, WI area.

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