Specialized Supply Chain Consulting

Specialized Supply Chain Consulting

Supply chains are fluid. Component production changes countries, fabric sourcing is relocated, determinations by Customs and the courts can affect an items classification. Even the eligibility for reduced or free entry of goods can be challenged and altered.

The consulting arm of Customs and Trade Services understands this and is ever vigilant to advise our customers of potentially positive or negative changes to their supply chains. We know that a change, multiplied across a supply chain with thousands of transactions can quickly have an impact.

Our clients retain us to get them admitted to security and entry programs such as CTPAT and ISA. We audit entries for accuracy of data. We write and request binding rulings for classification and valuation. We manage ACE portals. We design compliance documentation and train companies and their suppliers on the importance of following these programs and update them as needed.

At Customs and Trade Services, our clients trust us to manage a high-volume number of transactions by offering solutions that involve human intelligence and technology to deliver the highest levels of compliance.Photo collage

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