Supply Chain Consulting

From freight bill auditing to CTPAT applications and more, trust Taggart to deliver professional consultative supply chain solutions.

As a full service logistics company, Taggart has experience in negotiating freight rates, auditing invoices and ensuring that our Customs brokerage and other activities follow our strict, internal guidelines and procedures. We have a responsibility to our customers.

Taggart’s experience internally allows us to offer these same solutions and services to our clients as well. Trust Taggart to help provide a bulletproof supply chain that meets strict audit and record keeping requirements under Sarbanes Oxley and can withstand the scrutiny of an audit by CBP or other government agencies.

We can develop, author and manage any of the below supply chain services:

  • ACE Portal Account Management
  • CTPAT application, validation and audit support in the US and at overseas manufacturers
  • Importer Security Assessment (ISA) application and audit testing
  • Freight bill audit, analysis and recovery
  • Import and export compliance manual development, writing and maintenance
  • Custom technology solutions to reduce friction and speed data between supply chain partners
  • Harmonized classification review
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