Brazil Begins Enforcement of its Wood Packing Declaration Requirements


We have been advised that Brazil has revised its wood packaging declaration requirements recently.  The Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture (MAPA) had issued Instruction No. 32 on September 23, 2015, which was based on the International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures Number 15 (ISMP 15).  Beginning February 1, 2016 the following details regarding the products, packaging and any other items made of wood must be declared on all shipping documents (Bills of Lading):

  1. If no wood or any other wood product is being shipped:

Declaration Must Be:  “Wooden Package:   Not Applicable”

  1. If wooden material is present that is not treated and not certified:

Declaration Must Be:  “Wooden Package:  Not Treated and Not Certified”

  1. If shipment contains wooden material that is treated and certified:

Declaration Must Be:  “Wooden Package: Treated and Certified”

  1. If shipment containers wooden material containing processed wood:

Declaration:  “Wooden Package: Processed”

PLEASE MAKE NOTE: Each and every wooden piece must be marked and certified, even the small wood piece applied for lashing the pallets or the products to the container.

Brazilian customs brokers have already informed their customers that in the event something declared “Wooden Package:  Not Applicable,” when in in fact wooden material is present will result in penalties being assessed against the Importer and the Shipper.

Be advised that after February 1, 2016 any shipments containing untreated and / or not certified wood WILL NOT be accepted into Brazil.  In fact, the goods, the packaging and all other articles will have to be returned to its origin.  All expenses will be for the account of the Shipper and Consignee.

The same restrictions exist for air shipments.  We strongly suggest any exporter of merchandise to Brazil review all of their packaging material, including even small pieces of dunnage, to ensure that all were treated and certified.  The easiest means of doing so is using only ISPM 15 stamped larger timbers and processed wood for all smaller pieces where possible.  We further recommend any shipper / exporter to have their forwarder confirm all documents are acceptable in Brazil prior to shipment to ensure compliance with all regulations.

For more information, the shipper must follow the ISPM # 15 (International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures).