CHINA SECTION 301 UPDATE – List 1 Product Exclusion # 6 and List 3 Product Exclusion Application Period


List 1 – Product Exclusion # 6:

A new Product Exclusion Group for goods subject to the China Section 301 List # 1 has been approved by the U.S. Trade Representative.  This is the 6th group of exclusions granted so far.  All product exclusions are granted for one year from the date of their publication in the Federal Register.  For full details please refer to the attachment.   Prior to the publication of this article, we have verified the applicability of this group against our entire database, and clients with entries eligible for refunds have already been contacted and explained their post importation claim filing options.    

List 3 – Product Exclusion Application Period:

The process for requesting  product exclusions for goods covered by List # 3 is now available through September 30, 2019.   Applications can be submitted on the U.S. Trade Representative’s website: .  If you require further information please contact us.