Meet the new Taggart International – A few words from Liz Scarbrough.


Hello, my name is Liz Scarbrough, and I’m the President and one of the co-founders of Taggart International.

It gives me great pleasure to unveil the new Taggart International website. We have been working very hard on this site to make it our story and to let people know what Taggart does and what we stand for.

We are a company that pays close attention to the needs of our customers and embeds ourselves deeply with them. We want to become a true partner, integrating our people, our technology and our solutions for mutual, long-term success.

To this end, we’ve launched the new From here we plan to share our successes, educate shippers on their responsibilities as well as comings-and-goings within the marketplace. This site, coupled with future newsletters and our social media channels, will be the vehicle you get to know more about Taggart, our beliefs, our capabilities and our people, without whom none of it would be possible.

Take some time to peruse this site and then wander around to visit and follow us on:

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We look forward to having lots of conversations in lots of different places. Join us, won’t you?